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Wine has been around for thousands of years and each bottle is a unique combination of art and science; but for a newcomer wine can seem very intimidating at first. In actuality many people in the world drink wine simply as a healthy, enjoyable daily drink. Many people even make wine in their own back yards out of fruits and berries. Wine should never be intimidating, pretentious or unapproachable in any way. It should be something you enjoy for your own personal taste preferences. We all have different palates, so it is important to really find out what YOU like to drink and the best way to learn about that is to dive in and start tasting some!

The more you learn about the basics of wine itself; the more you will begin to appreciate encountering different varietals and variations on your own. The links below will guide you through the full experience of wine starting with the basics of serving, tasting, and storing followed by a unique section devoted to food and wine "pairing" that will add new dimensions to your wine training. We have even included some recipes that we have carefully paired with some of our own selections.

The Wine Experience:

Food and Wine:

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